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COVID-19 Relief Efforts in APAC

Herbalife Nutrition Extends Covid-19 Relief Efforts in Asia Pacific

ASIA PACIFIC, May 6, 2020 Premier global nutrition company Herbalife Nutrition, and its non-profit corporation Herbalife Nutrition Foundation, have jointly pledged US$1.79 million worth of aid in support of Covid-19 relief efforts, as part of their commitment to supporting the global community through uncertain times. This contribution includes cash and in-kind donations that will go into supporting essential relief across seven Asia Pacific countries – Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam.

“As a global nutrition company, Herbalife Nutrition has a unique opportunity and responsibility to help those in need in these uncertain times. Beyond drawing upon our corporate resources and nutritional expertise, we are also working in partnership with our employees, as well as our distributors and external organisations on the ground to help people in our local communities adapt and deal with the challenges that they are facing in this Covid-19 pandemic,” said Stephen Conchie, senior vice president and managing director, Asia Pacific, Herbalife Nutrition.

As the coronavirus pandemic continues to disrupt the lives of millions in Asia Pacific, this has resulted in medical resources being stretched, and families being more susceptible to hunger and food insecurity. To help address some of these issues, Herbalife Nutrition’s contribution will go into providing the necessary medical and nutrition supplies in partnership with local non-profit organisations in the region.

These include:

  • Provision of medical supplies such as protective gear and test kits to hospitals;
  • Provision of nutrition products such as Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Shake and Protein Bar to healthcare workers who are working round the clock to care for the influx of Covid-19 patients;
  • Provision of personal hygiene products such as face masks, hand sanitizers, hand soap and mouthwash to needy children through Herbalife Nutrition Foundation’s Casa Herbalife Program;
  • Provision of cash funds to support relief efforts through local organisations such as the Vietnam Fatherland Front Central Committee.

At the same time, Herbalife Nutrition’s distributors in Asia Pacific have taken initiative to provide medical, food and nutrition support for their respective local communities. Herbalife Nutrition’s distributors have since donated over 45,000 face masks, 12,000 sets of protective clothing and Herbalife Nutrition Formula 1 Shake to their local hospitals, as well as provided food and grocery packs to needy families in their communities.


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